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The Polychrome Hieroglyph Research Project

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Faculté de Philosophie et Sciences sociales

This page displays a list of all Gardiner groups. Click on a Hieroglyph to list all signs in that group.

A - Man and his Occupations

B - Woman and her Occupations

C - Anthropomorphic Deities

D - Parts of the Human Body

E - Mammals

F - Parts of Mammals

G - Birds

H - Parts of Birds

I - Amphibious Animals, Reptiles etc.

K - Fishes and Parts of Fishes

L - Invertebrata and Lesser Animals

M - Trees and Plants

N - Sky, Earth, Water

O - Buildings, Parts of Buildings, etc.

P - Ships and Parts of Ships

Q - Domestic and Funerary Furniture

R - Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

S - Crowns, Dress, Staves, etc.

T - Warfare, Hunting, Butchery

U - Agriculture, Crafts ans Professions

V - Rope, Fibre, Baskets, Bags, etc.

W - Vessels of Stone and Earthenware

X - Loaves and Cakes

Y - Writing, Games, Music

Z - Strokes, Signs derived from Hieratic, Geometrical Figures

Aa - Unclassified