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This page displays a list of all signs in a Gardiner group. Usage abbreviations are "I" (Ideogram), "D" (Determinative) and "P" (Phoneme). Click on a Hieroglyph to list all occurrences of the sign.

Signs in Group B : Woman and her Occupations

B1 seated woman
Usage: D 'female, her occupations'; I, D 'I,me' Phonetic value(s): .i
B2 pregnant woman
Usage: D 'pregnant' Phonetic value(s):
B3 woman giving birth
Usage: I, D 'bear, give birth' Phonetic value(s): msi
B4 woman giving birth (combination of B3 and F31)
Usage: I, D 'bear, give birth' Phonetic value(s): msi
B5 woman suckling child
Usage: D 'suckle' Phonetic value(s):
B6 woman seated on chair with child on lap
Usage: D 'nurse, rear' Phonetic value(s):
B7 queen wearing diadem and carrying flower
Usage: D 'names of queens' Phonetic value(s):
B8B woman squatting with lotus flower (open)
Usage: I, D 'Neith' Phonetic value(s):