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This page displays a list of all occurrences of a selected sign. Occurrences with no image are not listed. These purely descriptive Occurrences can still be displayed via the Monuments or Periods pages. Exemplars are indicated by a solid border. Click on the exemplar image to access the details.

Occurrences of G39 : pintail duck

No ImageOccID = 1322

Sarenput II

Dynasty XII

head and wings blue, neck and breast white

No ImageOccID = 3500

Amenhotep III KV.22

Dynasty XVIII

face and wing tips red, wings green, back blue, underparts white, legs red

No ImageOccID = 61

Haremheb TT.78

Dynasty XVIII

head red, upper blue, lower white, wing yellow

No ImageOccID = 1236

Horemheb KV.57

Dynasty XVIII

breast and neck blue, wings, head and feet red(?), wing markings and eye black

No ImageOccID = 2806

Menkheper TT.79

Dynasty XVIII

head and tail red, wing blue, underparts white, feet yellow

No ImageOccID = 2853

Paroy TT.295

Dynasty XVIII

head red, beak and breast blue, wing yellow, tail red, feet red and blue

No ImageOccID = 2300

Rekhmire TT.100

Dynasty XVIII

head red, upper parts blue, wing and tail feathers yellow

No ImageOccID = 1454

Sobekhotep TT.63

Dynasty XVIII

red head and tail, traces of blue on breast, wing yellow, rest discoloured

OccID = 2032

Ramses I KV.16

Dynasty XIX

head and rump red, beak, eye, wings and feet blue, back yellow with blue markings, breast white, fill between feet white

No ImageOccID = 3096

Temple of Ramses II (Abydos)

Dynasty XIX

head and rump red, wing yellow, throat blue, breast white, feet yellow(?)

No ImageOccID = 3560

Ramses IV KV.2

Dynasty XX

head and tail red, shoulder blue, wings yellow, breast white, legs blue (or black?)

No ImageOccID = 3650

Ramses V-VI KV.9

Dynasty XX

face red, beak and legs black, throat blue, wing yellow with red markings

No ImageOccID = 3184


Dynasty XXII

head and rump red, wing (faded) green(?), tail green, underparts white, feet black

No ImageOccID = 1805


Dynasty XXVI

head and feet red, back and neck blue, wings yellow, underparts and tail white

No ImageOccID = 1491


Dynasty XXVII

head and legs red, breast blue, wing white with red markings