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This page displays a list of all occurrences of a selected sign. Occurrences with no image are not listed. These purely descriptive Occurrences can still be displayed via the Monuments or Periods pages. Exemplars are indicated by a solid border. Click on the exemplar image to access the details.

Occurrences of G9 : falcon of Horus bearing the sun N5 on head

No ImageOccID = 2919

Userhat TT.56

Dynasty XVIII

falcon eye red, face white, wing and tail blue, breast white, legs yellow, solar disk red, white outer ring, two oblongs pink with red dots

No ImageOccID = 2974

Userhat TT.56 yellow background

Dynasty XVIII

face and underparts white, back faded, tail green with tip red, feet yellow, sun disk red, two ovals faded

No ImageOccID = 2659

Nefersekheru TT.296

Dynasty XIX

falcon upper blue, lower green, legs and solar disk red, two oblongs red

OccID = 3178


Dynasty XXII

falcon face white, markings black, wing blue, tail green, underparts white, feet white with outline red, sun disk red , outer ring white, horizontal (and diagonal) bars red