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This page displays a list of all occurrences of a selected sign. Occurrences with no image are not listed. These purely descriptive Occurrences can still be displayed via the Monuments or Periods pages. Exemplars are indicated by a solid border. Click on the exemplar image to access the details.

Occurrences of G1 : Egyptian vulture

No ImageOccID = 182

Wepemnefret G1201

Dynasty IV

red outline, black wing tips, orange legs and feet

No ImageOccID = 671


Dynasty VI

body white, outline and details red, wingtips blue, legs yellow

No ImageOccID = 3526

Fragment temple Montuhotep II

Dynasty XI

face and beak yellow, shoulder and breast white, wing blue, legs red

No ImageOccID = 440

Benia TT.343

Dynasty XVIII

head and feet yellow, body feathers white, wing feathers blue

No ImageOccID = 1410

Huy TT.54

Dynasty XVIII

wing blue, breast and tail white, head yellow, legs red

No ImageOccID = 2464

Menna TT.69

Dynasty XVIII

head yellow with outline red, wing blue, breast white, legs red

No ImageOccID = 2719

Rekhmire TT.100

Dynasty XVIII

head yellow with markings red, upper parts blue, lower parts white, feet yellow

No ImageOccID = 2645

Nefersekheru TT.296

Dynasty XIX

upper blue, lower green, legs red(?)

No ImageOccID = 3559

Ramses IV KV.2

Dynasty XX

body yellow with markings red, feet and beak red

No ImageOccID = 3648

Ramses V-VI KV.9

Dynasty XX

yellow, outline and details black (or blue?), legs red

OccID = 3183


Dynasty XXII

head red, eye and beak black, wing blue with outline black, underparts white with outline red, feet red

No ImageOccID = 1796


Dynasty XXVI

face and feathers white, beak red, neck and shoulder blue, tail green, feet red

No ImageOccID = 1525


Dynasty XXVII

face green, beak blue, wing blue, tail green, legs and feet red with blue claws